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Understanding Contamination

Having a good cannabis product is not only necessary for the head change but also when delivering a good quality medicine to a patient.

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There is a risk of contaminating your cannabis plant almost every day but if you can make the commitment to use high quality systems then you will effectively minimize a contamination risk.

Currently there are no regulations to assist with what is good and bad as we are in an emerging market and more testing needs to be completed before regulations are set. In California they have a great testing standard that is ever evolving as more information becomes available. Even with their high standard of testing not every lab is going to accurately test for every contaminant as there are a plethora of contaminants to test for. Therefore, implementing a high-quality system to assist in the growing of cannabis is paramount to the production of a safe consumable product.

The easiest way to get harmful contaminants on your cannabis is by using aggressive pesticides. Many commercial grows have a higher risk of harmful contaminants due to the sheer size of a commercial grow. We all know that buying in bulk is cheaper and often leads to ingredients being poorly mixed or completely separated by the time they are received. If you take this industry seriously than you will do your part in mixing to the best of your ability so that you can be proud of your product but there’s still a chance that there will be harmful contaminants somewhere you didn’t expect them to be. This is where our friends at Living Soil come in to help with ways to provide safe and sustainable growing for years to come. There are added benefits to using natural resources like Living Soil provides because of the way some compounds break down to benefit the patient or consumer. If you are a personal grower I suggest teaming up with these soil management specialists who will be able to provide you with responsible information that will help you make the safest product possible.

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Any experienced grower will let you know that maintaining the safety of the product doesn’t end when you harvest. The next step is to dry and cure the cannabis which will often reveal some bud rot or create other forms of mold. Understanding how to prevent mold starts with understanding how mold happens. Most grows that I have been to or seen do not have the overwhelming ingredients to cause mold in the environment. An experienced grower will periodically check the plants and train them to grow in such a way that mold becomes something to worry about in the drying and curing part rather than during the growing portion because of the air movement. When you move the cannabis to a drying room there is typically less air movement which helps moisture become mold. When a portion of your cannabis becomes infected you will have to remove that portion as you are unable to consume moldy cannabis. The rest of the plant will be safe to consume, and further evaluation will be needed for the days to come.

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The most popular topic in cannabis is regarding safety around vape cartridges and if metals are leaked into the compound. The team at S+D are high-ly interested in learning preventative measures taken to eliminate metal leaching. Even if the grower has taken all the necessary paths to ensure a safe product there is a possibility that the cartridge itself will leach metals into the compound from excess heat needed to use the compound. vaping is the most effective way to consume cannabis but also is one of the areas we know the least about. There is good news is there are scientists working around the clock, all around the world in coming up with a solution. Many processors have resulted in solvent less extractions that further help eliminate any cross contamination from other ingredients needed to extract the elements out of cannabis.

When it comes right down to it, we are living in a new world. A world that is rich in technology that will provide us with innovative ways to consume cannabis. We will be able to heal in ways that were previously considered miraculous, we’ll be able to create sustainable products that won’t leave a long-lasting footprint, cannabis will advance the world with all the new endeavors it will create, and we are all in the driver’s seat pushing this industry forward together.

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